Army Olive Bandage Dress
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Army Olive Bandage Dress long sleeves.

$ 109.99

A bandage dress is one that has been made from quality stretchy fabric that appears to be layer like around the body when won. Although this style has been in existence for eons, our dress has suddenly brought it back in vogue! 


The army olive bandage dress with long sleeves looks so much better in person. Even so, it is so alluring even in the pictures. We deliver same color, same measurements as in the pictures.


The tops and skirts are made from top-tier rayon to ensure that the piece sufficiently displays your sense of style. The materialtends to stretch a little; have in mind that the measurements are actual body measurements rather than of the clothes themselves. When dealing with stretchers, it is always advisable to pick a dress that is one size up. The army olive bandage dress long sleeves choker design makes this dress ideal for pairing with over the clothe jewelry pieces. In case you haven’t noted, wearing neck jewelry over choker length clothes is becoming a trend for both men and women.


There length and the sleeves make this dress ideal for a romantic evening dinner.  Good bye scarves and sweaters; no more ruining my cold night date outfits!


Dress details

➢ 90% rayon, 1%spandex, and 9% nylon
➢ We have had numerous positive feedback from our customers
➢ Cling to body figure and shape (olive design)
➢ Top quality dress. Approved of all standards
➢ Matching colors all through 
➢ Partial see through clothing (top part)

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